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Microsoft dumps Google

Like any relationship there are going to be ups and downs. Microsoft and Google, giants of the computing world, are no different. Background Microsoft launched Office 365 in June 2011,…

Microsoft tighten their wallets

Microsoft have recently announced price increases from March 2022, and at the same time announced the “New Commerce Agreement” affecting how we subscribe to their services. Background When Office 365…

Windows 11 – is it time to change?

Windows 11 is almost upon us. But is it any good, are your devices compatible, and more importantly is it worth the upgrade when it releases? Background When Windows 10…
Robber sitting in boat, with fishing rod down into water. On end of fishing rod is a letter with text "Sorry we missed you" by Fedex. Fish are swimming around the water, with people inside them. These people represent consumers and Fedex, and portray the image of cybersecurity

How to protect yourself from Phishing

Phishing. No, not the outdoor activity that takes places along a river, but an electronic communication disguised as a trustworthy entity with the intent to obtain sensitive information or data…

The Support Ticket – Episode 1: SharePoint

Today we release our first ever Podcast. Recorded pre-COVID restrictions, Ben Osborne and Nils Van Minden discuss SharePoint – what is it, how does it work, and why is it…
laptop on a desk

5 Tips for Working at Home

A lot of us are working from home for the first extended period we’ve ever experienced. It can be difficult to work out how to make the transition to remote…

6 Ways to Secure Your Business

There’s a lot of conversation around cybersecurity nowadays. Whether it’s a big cyber attack or the ethical conversation surrounding “big data” and targeted advertising, the online space is increasingly saturated with information on how to not be caught out in the next big breach or attack.