Stay secure with ESET’s comprehensive security solutions for businesses

ESET Protect Complete is the next generation of products from the world renowned provider – ESET. For over 30 years ESET has been at the forefront of developing industry leading protection, covering over 400k businesses and 110m users worldwide.

What does ESET Protect Complete cover?

Using a cumulation of spam filtering, anti-malware scanning, anti-phishing and cloud sandboxing, ESET will help protect your organisation against infections and targeted attacks. ESET will also block new, never-before-seen types of threats, especially ransomware.

Full Disk Encryption is a powerful encryption solution managed natively by ESET remote management console. Increasing your organisation’s data security, meeting compliance regulations by utilising advanced disk level encryption.

Leveraging a multi-layered approach, utilising multiple technologies to constantly balance performance, detection and false positives, ESET Endpoint enables organisations to protect against a multitude of potential attacks.

Providing another layer of security for ESET products like Mail Security and Endpoint products, Dynamic Threat Detection utilises cloud-based sandboxing technologies to detect new, never-before-seen types of threats.

With ESET’s cloud management console, VMit can deploy your ESET products efficiently reducing disruption to your business as well as being able to view the security status of your devices via weekly generated security reports.

Why does Microsoft Office 365 need ESET?

ESET Cloud Office Security (ECOS) applies further preventative protection to Office 365 and its applications. Utilising the same cloud sandboxing techonologies as the Dynamic Threat Defense module, ECOS protects your company communication and cloud storage, with a powerful combination of spam filtering and anti-phishing layers.

As ECOS is also based in the cloud, it continously and proactively scans your O365 content (Exchange emails, Onedrive, Teams, Sharepoint), blocking any threats before they even reach your computer

Why use VMit for ESET?

VMit has been partners with ESET since 2016, providing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our technicians also hold ESET certifications, ensuring they are qualified to manage and support the range of ESET packages. VMit provides a managed ESET solution, with regular monitoring by our team of experienced technicians.
Being a partner with ESET also means VMit can obtain high level technical support, from UK call centres, should this ever be required.