Why Choose Us

When choosing the company you’re going to entrust your IT systems too, it can seem like a veritable maze of options and solutions to navigate.
Below are just a few of the reasons you’re in good hands with us.

We are customer focused

We understand that hearing “your PSU has failed” makes about just as much sense as “your spaceship warp drive has failed to bring you to hyperspeed” to the uninitiated in tech lingo. We keep our communications as simple and jargon free as possible. We can also go into details with those of you who have an interest and understanding of IT and technology.

We are customer service focused with your interest as our main concern. All our team have gone through advanced telephone training and are personable, assertive and efficient.

Our Business Terms

We operate our business computer services on a fixed quotation system, where we guarantee the price of any proposed fix or products.

Following the successful completion of any work we provide you with full timesheets and a breakdown of our costs and you only pay us when you are satisfied with the results. All of our work comes with one month free support as standard.


We are qualified experts in our field with the experience to match. All our staff are trained to the highest level, ensuring we can meet your expectations and complete every job to above your expectations wherever possible.

We require all our new staff to study for and pass exams as part of their probation period, meaning that everyone you speak to will be at a technical standard suited to tackle anything you throw our way

Proactive through Innovation

We continually develop our offering via new technologies that can improve our level of support, and have recently invested into Remote Monitoring & Customer Relationship software. These RMM & CRM tools allow us to be more proactive in our support, often detecting issues before you notice them. More details on this project can be found in our blog here

Our investment was assisted by the Growth Through Investment fund, and European Union Development Fund

Microsoft Certifications

The majority of our customers use Microsoft Windows based systems, which is why we are fully qualified to work with them. We have completed all the necessary training courses and accreditations needed to not only understand but master Windows operating systems.

If you use Apple or Linux systems don’t be worried about our emphasis on Microsoft and Windows. We have multiple customers using MacOS & Linux, with technicians in house that are both versed and skilled in these operating systems. We can support creative and Apple based environments just as well as we support Windows based ones.


But don’t just take our word for it, this is what our customers say: