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The Beginning…

Nils launched VMit in 2006 as a self-employed venture with an aim to provide IT support to schools, businesses and home users. Coming from an education background, he had a growing skill set in both academic and technical work.

Everything Nils took to customers on his initial visit would fit inside a box in the boot of a car, a simple philosophy we try to keep to even today with our onsite kits.

Nils valued integrity and honesty in business and these became core values in our business, right up to the present day.

Taking work home

After many years of making the living room sofa and his car a workable home office, Nils had the customer base to warrant creating some semi-permanent workspace.

He converted his garage at home to become a fully fledged home office and segregated his networks so he had the security of both a home, and a business network.

Haven’t you heard? He’s a trusted trader

Nils joined the Norfolk Trusted Trader scheme and soon after became the top trader for Computer Services in Norfolk on the scheme.

VMit was number one on the scheme throughout the 6 years we were part of it.

Microsoft partners

After Nils’ continued his route of professional development gaining more and more qualifications, he decided to take the step to apply for Microsoft partnership.

From 2012 onwards we became Microsoft partners and official re-sellers of their products and services.

Microsoft Partner competencies logo

We’re growing

In 2014 the workload started to become too much for just one person to handle. Nils took on a fresh face techie in the form of Phil Rose. Phil had an interest and years of friends & family experience in technology, but no previous industry experience. It was not long until he caught up and overtook Nils on certifications, and even to this day has completed the most Microsoft qualifications in the business.

Because Phil gained so many qualifications so quickly, we became Microsoft Silver Competency Small & Midmarket Cloud certified, which means we were recognised as professionals in Microsoft products and authorised to support and re-sell them to a wider market.

Picture of Suite 1 office unit

Move on up

Just a year after Phil joining the business, the customer base had grown at such a rate that Nils was able to justify leaving the home office and relocating to Wensum Mount Business Centre.

There, we set up base in an office we still work in today.

Getting schooled

In 2017 VMit employed Martha. Martha was from an education background and managed IT infrastructure for several schools. She held the title of network manager and soon became one of our senior technicians at VMit.
It was not long before Martha started achieving Microsoft certifications for server operating systems. After achieving multiple certifications, she now holds the highest Microsoft 365 certification in the business, and manages the technical workload for the team.

As the business continued to grow, we took the decision to stop supporting home users and focus solely on business customers. This was so that we could provide the best and most consistent services to all of our customers.

We left the Norfolk Trusted Trader scheme as it was primarily focused with domestic services. At the point of leaving we were still number one for IT services in Norfolk and left with 294 reviews, 100% recommendations and an overall rating of 9.6 out of 10.

Securing the road

2018 was a great year for nailing down the final titles we wanted. We were awarded the Microsoft Silver Datacenter & Small and Midmarket certified title and then shortly after became Cyber Essentials Certified. We also tightened up our internal documentation processes

The overhaul

In 2019 we felt it was important to grow our identity in business services & develop consistent branding, through exhibition materials, our website and our uniform. Alongside internal telephony training, we redirected some development resources to achieve our corporate apparel and to redesign this very website.

Our presence was not just online either – in 2019 we attend various exhibition and networking events, and picked up 22 new business customers along the way!

Working from home

Early into 2020, a pause button was applied to the world and new terms & phrases began to enter our vocabulary.

As VMit had already invested in cloud technologies, with no interruption in service, in March we switch to Working from Home policy to continue to support our customers. We also took the opportunity to revise our internal processes, streamlining and updating where necessary, to continue to develop our customer service.


After a few years of changes, in 2022 we took the opportunity to grow the team again, continuing our professional development and growth as a company.

We created an Apprentice IT Technician position, and we also took on a Work Experience position, sharing our expertise with the next generation

Proactively Investing

After years of rebuilding, at the start of 2023, we made a new year resolution to even more proactive, and made a large investment into a Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) tool. With less disruption & downtime, combined with an increase in our efficiency, we spent 2023 transitioning to this new product.

To top it all off, we also achieved Cyber Essentials Plus status, and Martha achieved certifications in both ESET & Microsoft 365 that form our core services.

Going into 2024, we are more equipped than ever to meet our customers needs and have seen more customers return to renew with us than ever before. We continue to review the services and products we offer to our customers, utilising the latest technologies to do so.

Our Team

Nils Van Minden

Managing Director

Having grown the business since 2006 from the ground up, Nils is the managing director of VMit. Meeting with customers and liaising with our senior technicians, he also works on our business development strategy

Phil Rose

Senior IT Technician

With the highest number and level of Microsoft qualifications, Phil consults & supports our most complex tasks and projects.

Daniel Miller

Apprentice IT Technician

Daniel is likely the first person you’ll speak to on the phone, and is our first port of call for incoming queries and tasks.

Martha Bloomfield

Senior IT Technician

With a wide range of knowledge, Martha is responsible for supporting all team members on a daily basis, overseeing all tasks and projects we take on, and developing VMit’s services and strategy

Our Clients